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Technical Advisory Council (TAC)


A single international ICTI CARE Technical Advisory Council (TAC) was established creating one independent body to offer advice and support on technical matters in order to help the ICTI CARE Process (ICP) fulfill its mission. The new TAC structure replaces the previous model of three individual Technical Advisory Boards (TABs), helps to ensure there is equal and fair representation of the full toy industry's interests, and clarifies a direct relationship with the ICTI CARE Foundation through its Governance Board's Oversight and Appeals Committee.


Some key areas of focus and joint projects the TAC undertakes with the ICTI CARE Process include periodically revising the Audit Checklist, strengthening the auditor training curriculum, advising on auditor integrity issues, determining a clear criteria for auditing subcontractors, reviewing ICTI CARE Process policy documents and creating a professional organization/association for social compliance auditors to help establish internationally accepted norms and conduct.


Major manufacturers, toy brands, retailers and licensors are represented on the Technical Advisory Council.  They are: 


·    AIMS Industrial Co., Ltd
·    China Toy and Juvenile Products Association
·    Hallmark
·    Hape International Ltd.
·    Jetta Company Limited
·    Mattel
·    Tsuen Lee Group (Holdings) Co., Ltd
·    Tomy (HK) Limited
·    Vivid Imaginations
·    Wah Shing Toys Co., Ltd.
·    Wal-Mart
·    Walt Disney Co.
·    Wynnewood Corporation Ltd.