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About the Factory Audit Program

The ICTI CARE Process (ICP) Audit Program monitors supplier performance to make sure they meet their responsibilities in the areas of health and safety, child and forced labor, working hours and wages, discrimination and disciplinary practices, and social benefits. 


Audit Companies
The key to the success of ICP monitoring is the qualification, appointment and training of highly qualified audit companies to carry out the audit process. The ICTI CARE Foundation currently uses four qualified audit firms that have undergone a rigorous technical review and approval process. They perform audits in accordance with ICP requirements in China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

The main goal of the ICTI CARE Process is to provide a fair, thorough and consistent monitoring program for the factories. The factories in turn are required to pay application fees as well as annual fees to join the ICTI CARE Process. These fees are used to cover administrative costs, to fund oversight activity and to develop and maintain the website, which is used to provide information to factories, auditors, brands, retailers and other interested parties. The factories are also required to abide by the spirit of the ICP.

ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Ltd. (ICFAL) will assign one of the accredited audit firms to carry out the factory audit. The participating factory will be responsible for all costs of performing the audit by the selected audit firm. Audit costs are based on a standard man-day rate set by ICFAL. (Click for Factory/Audit Fee)

Factories must take the following steps to register and obtain approval:

  • Getting Started - Factory Application Package:
    The core of the ICTI CARE Process Audit Program is the monitoring checklist and the guidance document. These documents are readily available to all factories and auditors to purchase; a simplified checklist/ ICTI CARE Process Audit Protocol Handbook is also available online for your reference.

  • Factory Fees
    The factory pays application/registration fees to ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Ltd., according to a schedule that can be found on the ICTI CARE Foundation website or by contacting ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Ltd.

Please click    for application;       Please Click  for inquiry.



Audit Reports
The assigned audit firm issues reports following each audit. The reports follow the format outlined in the CARE Guidance document. Reports will be sent to the factory audited and to ICFAL Audit firms are required to uphold the integrity of the documentation process. This includes providing security for records, confidentiality of reports and distribution to authorized parties. The factory, and only the factory, may authorize the audit firm to issue controlled copies of the final audit reports to any other parties, such as current and prospective customers and clients.

  • Certificates of Accreditation
    ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Ltd will issue certificates of accreditation to audit firms and personal identification to their auditors, after the ICTI CARE Foundation Executive Committee has approved them. The auditor identification includes a photograph of the auditor. This must be presented by the auditors at the time of audit in order to gain access to factory premises.

  • Seals of Compliance
    ICTI CARE Foundation Asia Ltd will issue seals of compliance to factories that are in compliance with the ICTI Code of Business Practices and are recommended by the chosen audit firms.  (*ICFAL will issue an appropriate Seal of Compliance upon receipt of the seal fee)