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What is ICTI CARE?

ICTI CARE is the ethical supply chain program for the global toy industry; we work to improve the working conditions and well-being of the workers at toy factories by implementing the ICTI CARE Code of Business Practices.


What is the ICTI CARE Worker's Helpline?


Since 2010, ICTI CARE has run a free confidential enquiry helpline and distributed pocket-sized CARE cards to workers employed in ICTI CARE registered factories in China.

The CARE card informs workers of their rights and responsibilities under Chinese law, contact numbers of the labor department, toll-free ICTI CARE helpline service 4008-169580, as well as a designated email helpline@icti-care.org they can use to contact us.

Our 400 service number is available from 11am to 9pm daily, except during the Chinese New Year Holiday, we will use 13925278096 to return missed call.

The helpline supports the welfare of workers. It is also dedicated to help workers maintain a good state of mind to help them face their work and personal matters positively.

What does this free consultation cover?

  • Information about working hours, wages, labour contracts, dismissal and resignation, EHS, social health insurance, pension plans, or paid leave.
  • Personal support with interpersonal relationships, homesickness, hygiene and health issues, and family relationships (with spouse or child).
  • The helpline also serves as a confidential grievance mechanism to resolve urgent matters (i.e.: when a serious grievance, violation or compliance issue is reported, helpline operators will immediately refer the case to ICTI CARE to mitigate the conflict or develop a remediation plan).

Why use the helpline?

Up to December 2016, our designated helpline operators have answered over 13,000 calls to resolve enquiries and issues mostly related to wages, labor contract and social insurance, and to inform workers of their rights and entitlements under Chinese law.

Factory management feel the ICTI CARE helpline is a useful communication bridge and an effective worker-management labor dispute mechanism. The helpline allows managers to assess situations in real-time and uncover potential abuses, hazards or other issues that they may have been unaware of, but need to address urgently. 

Buyers also welcome this alternative communication channel because it allows workers to convey their personal and work related concerns outside of formal factory audits.


Other support ICTI CARE provides to factory workers:

Education: Migrant Parents Training – Distance without separation

The Migrant Parents Training Program helps workers build stronger relationships with their left-behind children. The training sessions provide practical tools to lessen the burden of workers’ separation from their children; the program will:

  • Develop effective remote communicate skills with their children to build closer relationships 
  • Support the grow and development of the children  
  • Understand the rights and needs of the child at different ages for better communication with and support to their children
  • Learn to identify signs of sadness or hurtful


Well-being: Family-Friendly Factory Spaces (FFFS)

To meet the emotional needs of factory workers missing their left-behind children, we collaborate with toy factories to create safe spaces at factories to reunite with their children during the summer months. Children have fun and attend educational activities while their parents’ minds are at ease, and able to spend more time together and grow as a family. This program helps to create harmonize and humane corporate culture that retain workers and produce stable & high quality of products.


More on work related information

If you have questions toward your employment, we encourage you to proactively communicate with the factory manager to resolve the issue first. You are also welcome to call our helpline or visit the following links of the Government Departments (i.e.: Labor Bureau) to seek support.


For links to explore more about Law and Regulations in China, please switch to our Chinese page.