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ICP Auditor Training

ICTI CARE regularly provides training programs and workshops for ICTI CARE Process (ICP) accredited auditors and potential new auditors to increase our audit capacity, improve quality, and assure audit integrity.  In addition to the accredited auditors that service China, we now have ICP-trained auditors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India that meet our professional requirements.  With this expanded team of international auditors, ICP is prepared for growth in overseas markets with better local knowledge, quicker response time, and lower travel costs.

Accreditation Course

ICTI CARE provides 3 days Accreditation Course for new auditors selected from accredited Audit Firms. They must pass the course and complete on-site training by accredited Audit Firms to be approved as qualified ICTI CARE auditors.

Refresher Training

Factory monitoring criteria for auditors continually evolve.  The aim of compulsory participation in annual ICP Refresher Courses is to bring them up to date, to enhance auditor ethics and social compliance expertise, and to harmonize interpretation of ICP audit standards.  Emphasis is given to audit requirements that have changed or been added in accordance with recent ICP policy updates and to allocating time for auditors to share professional challenges and solutions.

Technical Manager Meeting

Top-level management meetings are consistently held with all the technical managers from ICP accredited audit firms in order to review their recent operations and conduct a technical alignment.  These meetings also provide an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas on critical issues. 

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