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ICTI CARE Process Audit Protocol Handbook



ICTI Code of Business Practices

ICTI CARE Process Interpretation

Section 1: General Guidance

Section 2: Audit Checklist 

Part 1: Factory Audit Overview and Audit Report Templates

Part 2: Working Hours

Part 3: Wages and Compensation

Part 4: Underage Labor

Part 5: Forced Labor & Prison Labor

Part 6: Disciplinary Practices

Part 7: Discrimination

Part 8: Employee Representation

Part 9: Facilities

Part 10: Fire Protection (Updated on 1st Aug 2016)

Part 11: Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) (Updated on 1st Aug 2016)

Part 12: Welfare – Dormitories, Canteen and Medical (Updated on 1st Aug 2016)



-          Lighting Levels Guideline

-          Potable Water Quality Standard

-          Material Safety Data Sheet – Toluene

-          Accident/ Nar Miss Investigation Report

-          Permissible Exposure Limits for Hazardous Substances (ACGIH)

Acknowledgment (In alphabetical order)

-          China Toy & Juvenile Products Association

-          Dongguan Toys & Juvenile Products Association

-          Hong Kong Toys Council

-          Jiangsu Toy Chamber of Commerce

-          Shenzhen Toys Industry Association



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