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ICTI CARE Training Course

The aim of this two-day training course is to give factory managers, supervisors and staff a basic understanding of ICTI CARE Process (ICP) policies and procedures, including practical operational examples, so that they can be successful in meeting ICTI CARE program requirements.


To provide comprehensive and practical training that will: 

  • Help new factories understand fundamental ICTI CARE Program requirements
  • Provide refresher course for the current ICTI CARE certified factories
  • Offer opportunity for ICP factory that want to train new staffs in the program


  • Introduction to the ICTI CARE program and its objectives
  • Comprehensive overview of key ICTI CARE policies and audit procedure requirements pertaining to:
    • Working hours and wages
    • Labor practices
    • Health, safety and environment
  • Q&A session

Participants: Senior managers, supervisors and staff responsible for implementing CSR and COC requirements.

No. of participants: 40-100 (subject to location) 

Duration: 2 days

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