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The Value We Create


We strongly believe in the fundamental value of the ICTI CARE Process and of the strategies that support it, which together offer many benefits and opportunities to contribute to society: 


  • Promotes ethical manufacturing throughout the toy industry supply chain, worldwide:
    i.e., fair labor practices and worker health and safety
  • Works to eliminate child labor, forced labor, indentured workers, and other unethical hiring practices
  • Improves the lives of 608,000 factory workers in over 1,100 factories.
  • Increases labor practices transparency, including wages and working hours
  • Employs market leverage to compel factories to comply
  • Reduces the number and cost of multiple audits by multiple customers in each factory
  • Serves as a recognized mechanism to certify ethical manufacturing
  • Demonstrates the toy industry’s commitment to socially responsible business practices.

To learn more about ICP, please see our Annual Reports and Finance & Governance documents.