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ICTI CARE is the ethical supply chain program for the global toy industry. An independent, not-for-profit organisation established in 2004, we work each day to improve working conditions at our factories by implementing the ICTI Code of Business Practices

We are 100% committed to promoting safe and fair working conditions throughout the toy industry supply chain. Our first priority is always the safety and well-being of workers.

We work with thousands of brands, retailers, suppliers, NGOs and other civil society groups to monitor, manage and fix social sustainability issues in the toy industry supply chain across the world, and to protect and improve labor standards.

Over 1,100 toy factories, located in 10 countries, are ICTI CARE Certified, representing more than 600,000 workers. 

We offer a range of resources to enable toy brands, retailers and suppliers achieve responsible sourcing aims and drive standards.  

We lead the industry with far-reaching and specialised audits, a robust ethical certification scheme, capability building and training programs, education as well as peer to peer learning.

We also have set up a free, confidential helpline for workers in China. The helpline is widely publicised within factories in China. Over the last five years, the helpline has received over 10,000 calls, supporting an average of 2,000 workers a year. 

In addition to offices in Asia, Europe and North America, ICTI CARE works with a global network of four independent audit firms to implement our certification program.