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Our work with toy brands and retailers

Toy brands and retailers face a growing list of supply chain risks and challenges. From new legislation, to growing scrutiny from customers, NGOs and the media, toy brands face an increasing list of demands from stakeholders.  

ICTI CARE’s leading certification, auditing and factory capability programs are specifically designed to give toy brands and retailers confidence that supply chain standards are being met – and progress made – in key areas including labor standards, governance, health and safety, along with a host of other ethical issues of concern to you and your stakeholders.

Joining ICTI CARE’s Committed Brands Program not only equips you with leading responsible sourcing tools and technology to manage risk and protect your reputation, it is also an opportunity to support work to improve conditions for thousands of workers in the global toy industry supply chain. 

Over 1,500 toy brands and retailers across the world have already joined our Committed Brands community and pledged to source from ICTI CARE certified toy factories. 


What we do

ICTI CARE is the leading standards setting organization and ethical manufacturing certification program for the global toy industry supply chain. The ICTI CARE Program is one of the most effective in driving change in the lives of workers, whilst our Committed Brands PLUS service offers services and support tailored to the toy industry.

The ICTI CARE Program is designed to bring toy brands and retailers together to tackle common challenges together, thereby reducing duplication in supply chain auditing.

We bring a deep understanding of the toy industry and how toys are made, and have a unique insight into the risks and realities of manufacturing in this sector. We do not have a generic one-size-fits-all approach; we comprehensively examine and address issues pertinent to the toy industry.  

Our ethical certification and capability building programs are specifically designed to serve the unique manufacturing requirements of the toy industry.

What makes the ICTI CARE Program so effective?

Benefits of using the ICTI CARE Program:

  • Specialist program specifically designed for toy industry
  • Certifications means no critical or major non-compliances for Buyers to resolve
  • Free of charge training for factories means continual improvements 
  • Bespoke Training program for Sourcing teams 
  • Helpdesk Support available for you and your factories 
  • Special Investigations team to respond to both potential and known risks at factories 
  • ICPS Responsible Sourcing Platform – gives you access to all your factories information in real time including audit reports, status and much more
  • Sourcing tool for Buyers – find new suppliers already ICTI CARE Certified where you need

Learn more about our Committed Brands program for toy brands and retailers here.