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ICPS Responsible Sourcing Platform

The ICPS Responsible Sourcing Platform is a simple, easy to use, online supply chain management tool from ICTI CARE - exclusively available as part of our Committed Brands PLUS service.

This new online platform offers a host of exciting new responsible sourcing tools and functionality that drive transparency. It is designed to help toy brands and retailers track, monitor, and manage factories in their program.

How ICPS Responsible Sourcing Platform will transform your supply chain management:

Connect with factories that you source from

The platform allows you to connect with factories that you source from. This allows you to view key information about the factory such as their Seal status and audit progress.


Instant access to Audit Reports and CAPs
You can view a factory’s audit history and are able download Audit Reports and CAPs.


Find new factories with the Ethical Sourcing Tool
If you are looking for new factories to work with you can search by seal type, industry or product type to find new ICTI CARE Certified factories who, for example, already manufacture the type of product you require. This tool is useful if, for example one of your existing factories loses its seal and you need to find a new factory to work with.


Stay up to date with Dynamic Factory Status Updates
If the Factory Status or Audit Progress of a factory that you are connected with changes, it will be instantly updated and you will receive critical stage notifications to keep you updated of all developments.


Integrate your own internal reference system
You can tag factories with which you are connected with your own internal factory ID. You can then use the search feature to find factories using this internal reference rather than by ICTI CARE Seal Number or factory name. 



Read our brochure for more information about the Committed Brands PLUS program:

How to join the Committed Brands PLUS Program

Download the agreement form and send it to join@icti-care.org