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Promoting Worker Well-Being


ICTI CARE runs a range of work streams to promote the safety and well-being of workers employed at toy factories around the world.

ICTI CARE is committed to improving worker well-being. The financial support from our Committed Brands PLUS members along with additional sponsorship from a number of toy brands and retailers allows us to expand the programs to cover more workers. Contact join@icti-care.org to find out how your company can get involved and make a real difference in workers' lives.


Left Behind Children Program

Since 2016, ICTI CARE has piloted two work streams - Family-Friendly Factory Spaces and Migrant Parents Training workshops - at toy factories to support domestic migrant workers with left-behind children in China.



Family-Friendly Factory Spaces (FFFS)


“When my daughter first came, the teachers said she was the most timid girl. Now after FFFS, she even greets people she’s never met before.”
– Zhang Quan, a father worker from Yunnan.

Our Family-Friendly Factory Space Program reunites domestic migrant workers with their left behind children during summer months.  The FFFS Program creates safe spaces at factories for children to learn and play while their parents work.

FFFS staff are trained to run fun and educational activities for children during the day and allow parent workers to spend time with their children.



Impacts of Family-Friendly Spaces Pilot Program:


  “Now I don’t have to worry about my little son not recognizing me when I go back home for Spring Festival.” – Yang Dongmei, a 26-year-old worker from Southern China.


Join Committed Brands PLUS or directly sponsor a Family-Friendly Factory Space and help reunite hundreds of workers with their Left-Behind Children, contact us to find out more.

Migrant Parents Training



Migrant Parents Training Program helps workers build stronger relationships with their left-behind children. The training sessions provide practical tools to lessen the burden of workers’ separation from their children.

The “Parents at Work: Distance without Separation” workshops offered in the program consist of three parts:

  1. Helping parents come to terms with the separation from their children.
  2. Educating the parents on how to provide support for their children and handle conflict remotely.
  3. Giving practical guidance on communications skills supplemented with tools and activities to strengthen the parent-child bond.


Impacts of Migrant Parent Training: Before & After:

ICTI CARE is committed to improving worker well-being. If you would like to be part of the Committed Brands PLUS program or sponsor a Migrant Parents Training program at a factory, please contact join@icti-care.org.

Our implementation partner for the family friendly factory spaces and migrant parents training programs is the Centre for Child-Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCR CSR).

Read more about the programs on the Guardian and Medium.





Worker Helpline

The ICTI CARE Helpline has been operational since April 2010, and in this time has assisted over 13,000 workers.


The ICTI CARE Helpline serves workers employed by ICTI CARE certified factories in Mainland China. The purpose of the Worker Helpline is to inform, educate, and empower workers so they can effectively manage work-related issues and issues in their personal lives. The helpline also provides a confidential grievance mechanism to workers when necessary. 

The helpline is a great resource for factories as it provides a free of charge professional counseling and support service for their workforce, all of which is designed to create a more harmonious workplace environment and increases employee satisfaction.

ICTI CARE is dedicated to promoting better workplace environments for toy manufacturers.

Read more about the helpline here.





Women’s Empowerment in India

ICTI CARE is undertaking projects in partnership with BSR to advance women’s empowerment in the toy supply chain with a focus on India, a growing toy manufacturing region.

The women’s empowerment project in India aims to identify opportunities to further strengthen ICTI CARE Certification to empower women, to design and implement women’s empowerment strategies, and to support toy factories in India to foster deeper change in the country.

From preserving women’s health rights to protecting against harassment, ensuring equal pay to promoting professional advancement, learnings from our in-factory work in India will be applied across the wider ICTI CARE program as part of our work beyond audit to build capability and empower workers.