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Walmart reaffirms commitment to ICTI CARE


Walmart has reaffirmed ICTI CARE – the ethical supply chain program for the global toy industry – as one of its approved 3rd party programs for monitoring social compliance. The multinational retailer has also joined ICTI CARE’s Committed Brands PLUS Program.

Walmart has accepted ICTI CARE audits for many years, and has now accepted ICTI CARE onto its new panel of approved third-party social compliance programs.  


ICTI CARE is the ethical supply chain program for the global toy industry. The ICTI CARE program combines far-reaching and specialized audits, a robust ethical certification scheme, capability building and worker well-being programs to improve standards in the global toy supply chain.


ICTI CARE Certification is available globally and recognized by over a thousand toy brands and retailers – including The Walt Disney Company, Mattel, Crayola, Vivid Imaginations, ToysRus .  Over 1,100 toy factories are ICTI CARE Certified, supporting around 750,000 workers. 


“We are delighted that ICTI CARE remains an approved third-party social compliance program for Walmart,” said Carmel Giblin, President and CEO of ICTI CARE. “Walmart is the latest company to reaffirm a commitment to the ICTI CARE Program to monitor social compliance and to source toys responsibly. Increased global acceptance of the ICTI CARE Program helps us go further in delivering on our core objectives to improve the livelihoods of workers and reduce the audit burden on toy factories” she continued. 


Walmart has also joined Committed Brands PLUS, ICTI CARE’s responsible toy sourcing membership program. ICTI CARE Committed Brands PLUS membership provides tools and support to help toy brands and retailers manage supply chain risks, improve standards at toy factories, and meet stakeholder expectations.


PLUS membership includes access to ICPS, ICTI CARE’s Responsible Sourcing Platform, which enables brands to connect with the toy factories they source, view and manage audit data, and set real-time social compliance updates and alerts.  





Mark Robertson | Director, Communications & Stakeholder Relations, ICTI CARE

mark.robertson@icti-care.org | +44 (0)7872 041 444 | www.icti-care.org