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Important Update to ICTI CARE Audit Review Procedure


 New procedures and deadlines to accelerate the audit review and decision-making processes at ICTI CARE.


ICTI CARE is streamlining its audit review and decision procedures to make these faster and more efficient for all stakeholders. These updated procedures will result in an accelerated decision-making process regarding seal approval, whilst maintaining the high standard of audit reports.
These changes are delivered in response to feedback from global toy buyers and toy factories who have requested faster decision-making processes at ICTI CARE.
The new audit review and decision procedures will be effective from the 1st of March 2017 (Wednesday). Details of the updated procedures and deadlines are included in the table below.

Decision Procedure Affected Parties Change Effective on 1 March 2017
Submitting audit reports to ICTI CARE on ICPS platform Third-party aduit firms Reduced from within 10 working days of last day of audit to within 7 working days
Submitting CAP to the audit firm via email* All factories undergoing on-site audits Reduced from within 10 working days of last day of aduit to within 5 working days
Timeframe for factories to demonstrate transparency (by admitting inconsistencies in writing, providing complet and accurate relevant documentation) Factories in which inconsistencies have been found by auditors and who did not show transparency on-site Reduced from within 30 workings days of last day of audit to within 20 working days

In order to comply with the above procedure factories and third-party audit firms must
adhere to the new deadlines for submitting a corrective action plan (CAP) and uploading audit report submission onto our ICPS platform. The time frame allocated to factories to address record inconsistencies, where found, will also be reduced to speed up the decision-making process.

These updates will reduce the timeframe for the audit review process, while ensuring fair and transparent assessments for all. Factories will receive their audit result and certification in a faster and more efficient manner than before.
If you have any inquiries regarding these changes, please contact us at info@icti-care.org.

Announced on 24 Jan 2017
*Updated on 13 Feb 2017