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Committed Brands PLUS at 1 year: 2,000 Connections & Enhanced Support


Launched in 2016, ICTI CARE’s Committed Brands PLUS offers a suite of responsible sourcing tools and support designed exclusively for toy industry professionals. The centerpiece of the PLUS program is access to ICPS – the toy industry’s leading ethical sourcing platform.

ICTI CARE is the internationally-recognized responsible sourcing standard for toy brands, retailers, and factories. Globally, over 1,500 toy brands and retailers use the ICTI CARE Process to source from ICTI CARE certified toy factories. We certify over 1,100 toy factories in China, and our program now covers other emerging centers of production including Vietnam and India.

PLUS members joining in the last 12 months include Mattel, Disney, Toys R Us, Crayola, Top-Toy, Vivid, Blokker Holding, Tucker Toys, Happy Worker, Golden Bear alongside a continually growing list of over 40 toy brands, retailers, and distributors as full or trial members.


PLUS members have access to ICPS – with critical ethical sourcing information on over 1,500 factories. In just one year, our PLUS members made over 2,000 factory connections with 30% of factories connecting to 1 or more brand. These connections allow toy industry professionals to receive seamless updates on their supply chain and any potential disruptions.

Beyond the technology, ICTI CARE has appointed staff members in Germany and France to support the further expansion of the ICTI CARE Program in Europe.

As we look ahead to the 2nd year of the PLUS program, our global team looks forward to working with toy companies of all shapes & sizes that wish to source responsibly.