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Tianjin offers subsidies to encourage factories to join certification programs


Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce is offering subsidies to encourage factories based in the City to join certification programs. Factories which are newly certified by ICTI CARE this year are eligible for the subsidies, and can apply for funding by submitting the required documentation (further details below). These subsidies form part of a wider initiative to promote trade and foreign investment in the region. 

Tianjin saw the biggest growth in GDP (9.3%) out of the four Pilot Free Trade Zones in China in 2015, with a total value of USD 51.2 billion in exports. Building on this success, Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce has launched a funding scheme encouraging local factories to join management system certification programs (view the official announcement in Chinese).


China’s role as the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of toys continues. China also has a surging domestic toy market which over the past few years has grown annually at an average of 21.8% and is projected to exceed RMB 300 billion by 2019.


As the leading ethical supply chain program for the global toy industry, ICTI CARE offers a single social compliance standard which is widely recognized by international toy buyers. ICTI CARE Certification remains the internationally-recognized standard for toy brands, retailers and factories. ICTI CARE’s Toy Factory Certification provides international toy buyers with confidence that minimum social compliance standards expected are being met, helping to support foreign trade and promoting toy exports.


Once the Tianjin-based toy factories receive their first ICTI CARE seal of compliance from 1st January 2017, they are eligible to apply for subsidies under the Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce’s subsidy scheme for 2017. Once funding is approved, toy factories can utilize the grant to allocate more resources to promote ethical standards in the workplace.


Supported certification programs and the amount of subsidies:


Certification programs

Maximum amount

ISO9000 - Quality management

Up to 50% of the certification fee or up to RMB 15,000

ISO 14000 - Environmental management

Certification on occupational safety

Certification on occupational health

Other management certification programs (including ICTI CARE)

*Please note: this scheme only supports the cost of initial
certification; exclusive of any consultation, training and renewal fee.


Tianjin based toy factories which are new to the ICTI CARE Program are encouraged to apply for these subsidies, this additional financial supports can be helpful for factories to develop their own management system via the implementation of ICTI Code of Business Practices.


ICTI CARE will coordinate with assigned audit firms to prepare a set of required documents for the eligible factories, please contact info@icti-care.org to show your interest. To view the original official announcement for the list of required documents in Chinese, please click here.