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Join ICTI CARE on June 9 at 10:30am (New York) / 3:30pm (London) / 10:30pm (Hong Kong) for our webinar an Introduction to Responsible Sourcing in the Toy Industry.


This session will give you a better understanding of the ICTI CARE Process and how responsible sourcing plays a vital role in the toy and entertainment industry.


The complimentary webinar focuses on ICTI CARE’s role in the global toy marketplace and how we work with brands, retailers, and manufacturers to ensure ethical workplace standards are met in factories.


Participants in the webinar will receive an introduction to ICTI CARE, along with critical insights from our Senior Leadership Team, and a brief outline of current responsible sourcing trends and issues in China.


You will learn:

1. How the ICTI CARE Process Certification works

2. Why Responsible Sourcing Matters

3. Implementation Strategies for Companies

4. Responsible Supply Chain Risks & Issues in China

Webinar outline:
Introduction to ICTI CARE
Overview of the ICTI CARE Certification Process
Why Responsible Sourcing Matters
Implementation Strategies for the Toy Industry
Q&A session