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Update on proposed changes to the ICTI CARE Audit Checklist and Certification

In September 2017, ICTI CARE ran a public consultation to gather views on two proposed changes to the ICTI CARE Program.

These proposed changes are:

1.    An enhanced, graded version of the ICTI CARE Audit Checklist

2.    A new Star Rating System to replace ICTI CARE's existing Factory Seal Classifications

Public consultation on the above changes ran from 21st September to 20th November 2017. During the consultation period, our team also conducted pilots to test the updated Audit Checklist and proposed Star Ratings at factories in China.  

We have received feedback from hundreds of factories, brands, retailers and other stakeholders on the proposed changes to the ICTI CARE Program. We thank all those who shared feedback via the public consultation and participated in the factory pilots.   

Implementation timeline

The ICTI CARE team is now analyzing the detailed feedback we received during the consultation period.  We anticipate that finalized versions of our new Audit Checklist and Factory Ratings will be implemented in Summer 2018.  

The timeline to finalize and roll out the ICTI CARE Audit Checklist and Certification is as follows:



Present until early March 2018

  Analyse and review findings from consultation and pilot.    Implement any necessary changes to Audit Checklist &      Star Ratings


  Final review with ICTI CARE Technical Advisory              Committee

End of March 2018

  Announce the enhanced version of the audit checklist    and new rating system

April to July 2018
(4 months)

  Provide training and capability building program to
  support factories on the transitions of the new system

Summer 2018

  Commence rollout begin audit against updated audit    checklist and rating system

 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the ICTI CARE Factory Helpdesk at info@icti-care.org or (+852) 2111 2462.