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Our global team is passionate about driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices. Find out more about us below. 

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Staff Members:

Senior Leadership Team

Carmel Giblin – President & CEO
Carmel Giblin is the President & CEO of the ICTI CARE Foundation and has been with the organisation since February 2015. She is responsible for the overall success of the ICTI CARE Process globally.  

Carmel believes passionately that businesses globally have a duty to behave responsibly, at all times protecting the rights of their workers, the communities in which they operate and the environment in which they live and work and is proud to be part of the world’s leading initiative committed to improving the lives of workers involved in toy and juvenile products production.

Before joining ICTI CARE Carmel was the CEO of Sedex for five years – an organisation that, under her leadership, grew to become the largest technology and services company operating in the responsible sourcing sector globally.

Carmel’s earlier roles include: Head of Corporate Responsibility & Accessibility at Sky, Europe’s leading entertainment company, Buyer at retailers Somerfield, Waitrose, and Exxon Mobil and in supplier organisations Britvic Soft Drinks and Allied Domecq in roles that included customer management, risk management and organisational design and effectiveness reviews.

 @CarmelGiblin | Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Johnny Kong General Manager, Asia Operations
Johnny joined ICTI CARE as the General Manager of Asia Operations in February 2017. He is responsible for overseeing the monitoring and development of the ICTI CARE program, ensuring quality and integrity throughout its implementation, advancing the ICPS Responsible Sourcing platform, and supporting delivery of world class training and capability building programs.

Before joining ICTI CARE, Johnny worked at Decolav, a US-based design house of high-quality furniture and bathroom products, where he was the Managing Director of Asia Operations. Prior to this, he was the Senior Sourcing Manager at Lowe’s Global Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd. He brings a wealth of leadership and operational management experience to the ICTI CARE team, gained from his 15 years working in the international manufacturing industry.

He received a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Victoria in Canada and a Master of Science in Engineering Management at the City University of Hong Kong.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Mark Robertson – Director, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
Mark Robertson is Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations at ICTI CARE and has been with the organization since August 2015. Mark is responsible for the strategic direction of the stakeholder and communications teams. He leads on a varied program of work to promote ICTI CARE globally, as well as content production and thought leadership activities.
Mark is passionate about sustainability and a firm believer that being more responsible creates better businesses.
Before joining ICTI CARE Mark was Head of Marketing & Communications at Sedex Global where he led Sedex’s global communication team and managed all aspects of the organization’s press, Public Relations and marketing work. Prior to this, he was Head of Communications at responsible investment research firm EIRIS where he provided communications leadership, strategic thinking and creative ideas which established EIRIS as a global thought leader.
Mark is a graduate in Environmental Science and is a qualified Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM).

 @CSRCommunicator | Languages spoken: English, French (basic)


Tom van HaarenSenior Advisor, Responsible Sourcing
Tom van Haaren is the Senior Advisor - Responsible Sourcing at ICTI CARE and has been with the organization since March 2016. Tom is responsible for supporting our toy brands, retailers, and manufacturers in the strategic implementation of the ICTI CARE Process. He will also be working to raise awareness of ICTI CARE and drive collaboration wherever possible.
Tom is committed to the protection and advancement of worker’s rights throughout the global supply chain.
Prior to joining ICTI CARE, Tom held several positions that included working for the U.S. government as well as Calvert Investments, a socially responsible investment firm, where he looked at how companies can generate value from addressing risks in their global supply chains. He was also the Senior Account Manager for North America at Sedex where he worked directly with companies to develop and implement effective responsible sourcing practices.
He received a BA in History from Cornell University and a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations the ILR school at Cornell.

 @CSR_Expert | Languages spoken: English


Victoria Law – Manager, Integrity and Sustainability
Victoria joined ICTI CARE in January 2007, and she currently leads the Integrity and Sustainability team on anti-corruption control and analytical research of compliance issues.

Victoria has spent the last 10 years with ICTI CARE and, hence, comes with a wealth of experience within the toy manufacturing industry and ethical compliance programs. She is a strong believer that the force of engagement of the industry brings solutions and sustainability to any work field. She has been passionate in working closely with relevant stakeholders, hearing voices from the industry, and providing support to their needs in her previous positions.

Victoria previously led Program Development and Asia Operations. In this role, she was responsible for a broad range of tasks. She was dedicated to developing the ICTI CARE ethical supply chain program to help both factory owners and workers while she also supervised the operations of ICTI CARE’s Asia offices, alongside reaching out to major stakeholders and NGOs to foster a collaborative industry platform through the ICTI CARE program. Victoria holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and foreign language, and a master's degree in law.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin



Sarah Ng – Manager, Corporate Communications
Sarah joined ICTI CARE in September 2012 as Communications Officer and was promoted to Corporate Communications Manager afterward. She reports to Mark and serves as an integral member of the global communications team overseeing external & internal communications strategies in Asia.

Sarah received a Bachelor in Linguistics from the University of Waikato and a Master of Arts in Language Studies from the Hong Kong Baptist University. She previously managed communications and public relations at one of the leading NGOs for their Greater China area and has always been interested in the CSR sector. 

 @_NgSarah | Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Japanese (basic)


Áine McCarthy – Assistant Manager, Marketing and Communications
Áine joined ICTI CARE in September 2015. Áine is based in the London office and works principally on marketing, branding, and communications. Áine holds a BA in French and Management from King’s College London. She brings experience in digital marketing and product management and is passionate about design and business as a force for good.

 @ainemc | Languages spoken: English, French


Bella Ma – Assistant, Corporate Communications
Bella joined ICTI CARE in September 2016 and is based in Hong Kong.  She received a BA in Global Creative Industries and Sociology from The University of Hong Kong in 2016. Her main duties at ICTI CARE include translation, digital communications and provide assistance to external & in-house events in the region.  

 @bellama_mhm | Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Human Resources & Administration, Finance

Kim Hong  Accounting Officer, Finance
Kim joined ICTI CARE as Accounting Officer in September 2015. She is responsible for all finance related processes of ICTI CARE operations.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Mandy Yuen– Accounting Clerk, Finance
Mandy joined ICTI CARE as Accounting Officer in June 2017. She is responsible for accounting duties and handles payment issues with factories & other third parties. 

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Amy Yeung – Assistant, Human Resources & Administration
Amy has been employed by ICTI CARE as Assistant since 2008. She is responsible for reception duties at the front desk and provides general administration assistance to the staff. 

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Integrity & Sustainability

Philip Liu – Senior Specialist, Integrity & Sustainability
Philip joined ICTI CARE in January 2016 as Senior Specialist and was part of the Program Monitoring & Development Team before his recognition transfer to Integrity & Sustainability in 2017. Philip is mainly responsible for originating strategies to strengthen integrity of the ICTI CARE Program by setting out approaches to implement integrity polices & investigations. He also supervises anti-corruption training for factories and auditors. 

Philip holds a Bachelor of law, is certified as IRCA Leader Auditor and has 10 years of social compliance experience. Before joining ICTI CARE, Philip led a team of 10, in one of the largest multinational audit firms, assuring report quality and assessing the capability of new auditors.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin


Calvin Lai – Specialist, Integrity & Sustainability
Calvin joined ICTI CARE in February 2015 and had worked in the Program Monitoring & Development Team as Specialist before joining Integrity & Sustainability in 2017. Prior to his transfer, Calvin supported the development of the ICTI CARE Responsible Sourcing Platform, monitored the quality of auditors & audit firms, and helped build capability of factories & auditors in India. Calvin is currently responsible for formulating anti-corruption measures and policies, implementing integrity investigations and audit integrity training, as well as supervising factories on root cause corrective actions.

He holds a Professional Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health, and a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Sociology.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Program Monitoring & Development

April Yu – Supervisor, Program Monitoring & Development
April joined ICTI CARE in July 2012 as the team’s Supervisor based in China. She reports directly to the team Manager and is responsible for audit report review, seal approval, QC audits and other related technical issues. April is additionally accredited as an EICC and ICTI CARE auditor and holds an SA8000 certificate. She previously worked for a third party audit firm where she performed audits in mainland China and Southeast Asia.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin


Jojo Li – Supervisor, Program Monitoring & Development
Jojo joined ICTI CARE in March 2013 as Senior Specialist and was later promoted to Supervisor of the department in Jan 2015. Jojo is stationed in China, and is responsible for aduit firm management, factory training, auditor training, and policy updates. Prior to joining ICTI CARE, Jojo spent six years working in social auditing in a third-party audit firm where she supervised a group of 12 social compliance auditors. 

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin


Eric Lin – Senior Specialist, Program Monitoring & Development
Eric joined ICTI CARE in May 2014 as Senior Specialist based in China. He is responsible for QC audits, audit firm management, monitoring audit quality of accredited firms and conducting factory training. Eric holds an IRCA SA8000 certificate and has 12 years of social compliance experience in brands, retailers and trading companies where he conducted COC and C-TPAT audits and monitored sustainable programs for factories in mainland China and Vietnam.  

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin

David Liu – Specialist, Program Monitoring & Development
David joined ICTI CARE in May 2016 as Specialist based in China. He is responsible for performing QC audits, reviewing audit reports, and monitoring the audit quality of accredited parties. David has over 10 years of social audit experience at brands and international trading companies where he conducted factory audits and provided trainings for factories in mainland China for continuous improvement. David holds a SA8000 certificate.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese (basic)


Serena Zhong – Specialist, Program Monitoring & Development
Serena joined ICTI CARE in March 2016 as Specialist based in China. She is responsible for conducting factory social audits, supporting factories on the implementation of appropriate corrective action plans, performing QC audits and assisting in auditor & factory training, as well as managing the accredited audit firms. Before joining ICTI CARE, she worked at ICTI CARE accredited audit firm as an auditor and technical reviewer for 4 years on EMS and C-TPAT audits. Serena is an accredited ICTI CARE auditor and holds an IRCA ISO14000 certificate.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Japanese (basic)


Freeman Fang – Senior Engineer, Program Monitoring & Development
Freeman joined ICTI CARE in May 2017 as Senior Engineer of Program Monitoring & Development Department based in Hong Kong. He is responsible for the development and enhancement of the ICPS Responsible Sourcing Platform to ensure the program operation is effective. He brings over 10 years of solid experience in QA and Manufacturing. 

Freeman received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering from City University of Hong Kong. 


Program Support & Engagement

Fiona Leung – Executive Officer, Program Support & Engagement
Fiona joined ICTI CARE in June 2015 as Executive Officer under the Program Support & Engagement Team, where she is responsible for daily coordination between factories and audit firms in connection with program registration and auditing process.

Languages spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Sam He – Senior Specialist, Program Support & Engagement
Sam joined ICTI CARE in May 2016 as Senior Specialist based in China. Sam is responsible for factory training and auditor training, and handing technical enquiries from factories. He holds an SA 8000 certificate with more than 11 years’ experience in supply chain management and factory management. He previously worked as senior compliance consultant helping factories in mainland China to develop and verify the implementation of corrective plans. 

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese 


Molly Jiang – Specialist, Program Support & Engagement
Molly joined ICTI CARE in July 2013 as Specialist based in China. During the first two years in the organization, She was responsible for conducting factory social audits, supporting factories in the implementation of the appropriate corrective actions plan and performing QC audits. Since 2015, she has started focusing on the worker well-being program such as ICTI CARE Workers Helpline and Family-Friendly Factory Spaces (FFFS) porgram to advance the working conditions and well-being for the workers. Molly has 8 years social audit experiences at factories and 2 years at brands; she is also experienced in human resource management.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese (basic)

Nancy Chen – Specialist, Program Support & Engagement
Nancy joined ICTI CARE in October 2016 as Specialist based in China. Nancy is responsible for factory & auditor training, as well as handling technical inquiries from factories. Nancy has more than 10 years’ experience working for multinational electronic manufacturing factory and Telecoms company, she worked to monitor the compliance status and sustainable development in the supply chain. Nancy also holds ISO14001,  OHSAS18000, and SA 8000 certificates.

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin



Further information about ICTI CARE's governance structure: